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   Ford Transit Limousine is a new version, innovative, more widely design just 10 seats and luxurious amenities than Ford Transit original 16 seats.
   Suitable serve:
      - Business meeting, work.
      - Family tour.
      - Shuttle V.I.P.

Ford Transit Limousine.

   Get into the cabin, you will be completely surprised by the interior is designed and decorated to a standard limousine. Separate rear cabin, 30-inch TVs ceiling, combining job serving facilities such as internet, USB port installed at each seat.

   Full leather upholstery, luxurious wooden floor. Form spacious seats, comfortable for the guests with great body shape. Two seats behind the driver rotate 360 degrees to 4 people sitting opposite can chat exchange adjustments when necessary or sit same direction on the road trip away. All seats are comfortable slip, adjustable buttons at hand so neat and easy to manipulate.
   Sunshades systems, insulation imported from the United States to provide privacy and maximum relaxation to those distance trips. Luggage compartment has a capacity of flexibility to maneuver the move into the backseat fit for each travel, work though lightweight luggage or bulky.
   Let enjoy this interesting van with Saigonlimo


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- Hotline 1: 0908.877.788
- Hotline 2: 0907.797.783


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